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I am new to this. I would like to purchase 3 diamonds for 3 stone ring. I have decided to go with GIA (looking @ blue nile). Cut: excellent Color: G Polish/Symm. Excellent Shape: Round Carat:.75 -85 (center stone)


I really could use some advice for clarity, SI1 or VS2??? Blue Nile says they will verify that SI1 are eye clean.


Thank you for any advice. ;)

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Hi Mia,


Most correctly graded SI1’s are eye clean to most people under most lighting conditions. That last sentence has a lot of qualifiers and that’s the reason that ‘eye clean’ isn’t part of the definitions of the clarity grades. Whose eyes? Under what lighting? For some a sugar cube is eye clean while there are other people out there who are incredibly good at picking these things out.


The vast majority of stones at Blue Nile are being sold on behalf of unknown third party suppliers. The salespeople have no way of checking whether it’s eye clean or not other than to call up a supplier that they've never met and ask them what they think. Someone who's never seen the stone and some unknown and uncontactable grader who may or may not have seen it, both of whom stand to make a sale if the answer is ‘yes’, think the stone is probably eye clean. Now there’s a sentence with some qualifiers. ;)


If eye clean is your standard, buying a GIA graded SI1 is a pretty safe bet but asking the salespeople at BN adds nothing.



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Hi Mia!

Making a three stone ring involves looking at all the diamonds, and seeing how they complement other. You wouldn't believe it but sometimes a GSI 1 foot right next to another GSI one looks bad, or mismatched.



For this reason, when we make a three stone ring, we take all the diamonds in the next to each other. Face up to see how they look.


Neil has brought up some very good points about buying a diamond from someone who's never seen it, such as the place you've been shopping. Buying a single stone this way has its own risks, but trying to match three up in this manner seems to be a recipe for dissatisfaction

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