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Leo Anniversary Band And Enhancer To Sell !!


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I have a 1.02 ct anniversary white gold round cut LEO band and a 0.48ct round cut enhancer to find a home for. They really sparkle--they are from Kay, have been inspected every 6 months and will make someone really happy!! I bought them for 2800 and 2100, but would be willing to let go of the set for a lot less, being that I'm not getting any use out of them. (maybe even for under $2000, just let me know your interest) I have included some pictures that don't do them justice, but if you go see them in the store, these look identical. The enhancer will accomodate up to a 1.25 ct diamond solitaire, but it has to be set in a narrow shank (inexpensive to have this done). I have the IGI certifications for both (SI, I, very good/good cuts), inspection records for both, and pictures. Please let me know if you have any questions. thanks for all your advice on these forums! (size for both is currently 5.5, but I bought the ESP plan for them which is free lifetime sizing, diamond insurance (if they fall out), and re-dipping)


There is also the possibility of using them as upgrades at Kay if you are interested in buying a diamond-being that the band is worth 2800, if you pay another 2800 and give them the band, you can get diamond merchandise worth 5600. If you buy this set (for a lot less than 4900 mind you) and trade up the whole set at kay for 4900, you can get merchandise for 9800 (wouldn't have to be LEO, but they will try to sell it to you). So you can get a 10k diamond for 6900.....just something else to think about...that's how we decided to upgrade the solitaire. ;) Happy looking!









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