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A False Diamond


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Here's the case:


I've bought a diamond in Cozumel, Mexico from DI Diamonds, that came with a UGS (Universal Gemological Services) appraisal:


Measurement: 5.31-5.29x3.26mm

Shape/cut: round brilliant

Weight:0.55 ct

Clarity: SI2

Color: H

Replacement value: $2 220 (I paid $1348)


I got a jeweler here in the US to take a look at the stone and he says that it's not a diamond! He had an instrument with a pin with which he pointed or touched the stone and it "read" - not diamond.


Where should I go to get proffesionals to look at the stone, and to get a true evaluation. I live in Houston, Texas.



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Diamond testers are notoriously unreliable...but sometimes so are foreign diamonds...but then sometimes so are jewelers. ;)


Fortunately an independent expert can clear it up rather quickly. Christine York is an appraiser on the W Loop South in Bellaire. You might call her at 713-665-1650 and see what she'd require to verify it for you.

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