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International Diamond Center, Florida


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hi there,


does anyone know of the INTERNATIONAL DIAMOND CENTER'S reputation? im thiNking of buying from there but i dont know how reputable they are...i think they have branches in florida and georgia...




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Hello mr12:I hope i'm not too late

International Dimond Center id=s not the place to buy you diamond.Please don't. My husband did .spend $4,000 for our weedind ring and we found out the hard way that they specilay in diamond but, some how they don't warranty the diamonds at all.Less than a month latter I took my ring to get clened and they informed me that one of the diamondswas broken and that we had topay to replce it. My question is....How in the worls a diamond chipped or brokedn less than a month latter we purchesed ? Diamond is the strongest stone in earth and why do they don't stand behind thier product?I

Please don't buy anything from them.......Myrna :rolleyes:

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