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Need Help Figuring Out Appraisal


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I need some help in figuring out some appraisal color lingo.......the appraisal was done by a rep jeweler in 2001.

The color is rated A5.

The chart shows A1-3 as colorless then goes A4, A5, A6, A7, B1, B2, B4, C1, C2.

C2 is marked light yellow.

Since nothing I can find lists A in the grading how can I figure out what A5 actually means.


A friend has asked that I sell the diamonds on ebay and I hate selling stuff without the correct details.

BTW the clarity was SI2 and cut good.


Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated.


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It could correlate to GIA, in which case it's around an H.


A123 = DEF (colorless)?

A4567 = G-J (near colorless)?

B = K-M (faint)?

C = N and below (very light)?


Or it may not correlate at all.

Or the grader may have different standards than GIA.

Or it may be from Oz like David suggests.

Or the ABC may be broad Wesselton, Crystal, Cape designations...


Yep, you might want to ask your appraiser. ;)

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