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Clarity Vs Color


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hi there,


i am in the process of buying a couple of ETERNITY bands. i understand the 4 c's of buying diamonds but dont know which matters most, clarity or color. i have heard that small diamonds do not increase that much in value and the total carat weight for these rings is quite small so, will the clarity affect the VALUE of the ring that much? does it even matter in the case of eternity bands? should i pay so much more for a ring with a better clarity? my options for eternity bands are as follow:


ring 1


color G-H clarity SI 1.20 ct set in PLATINUM for $2695.50


ring 2


color H clarity VS2 .98 ct set in PLATINUM for $1825.00


ring 3


color G-H clarity VS2 1.20 ct set in PLATINUM for $3575.00


Any assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.


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Hi mr12


The quality of the small stones in an eternity band is quite important.

There is a lot of cheap product on the market, with very imperfect diamond. Even if they are small, this will impact the look of an eternity ring tremendously.


If anything, the three rings that you posted should be very informative. If for no other reason than to illustrate the disparity in grading from different sellers.

For example-Ring two, ostensibly, should be double (or more) than the price of ring one.

This means that someone is either lying, or does not know how grade diamonds..... neither of these attributes suggest someone I'd really like to buy a diamond from.


In my opinion rings one and three are within the realm of possibility. Ring two's seller has shown his hand as someone who purposely over grades

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