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Need Opinion On This Princess Cut Diamond


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I am planning to get this Princess Cut Diamond with Following Specs from Shane Company; Need Advice!


The Following is as per the EGL Certificate....


Weight - 1.03 CT

Shape & Cut - Princess

Clarity - VS2

Color - G

Measurement - 5.22 X 5.20 X 4.16 mm


Depth - 80%

Table - 70%

Crown - 15%

Pavillion - 56.5%

Girdle - Sl. Thick to Thick Polished

Culet - None


Polish - Very Good

Symmetry - Good

Fluorescence - Faint


The Price is $4,999 at ShaneCo.


Appreciate your feedback and advice on this diamond.



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Sparkle is not a function of depth. It’s a function of pavilion geometry, crown geometry and the interplay between the two. Depth can give something of a clue if it’s on the extremes but even at that there’s a problem because the pavilion on a princess is considerably more complicated than the pavilion on a round. Very different stones can have the same depth measurements and even the same pavilion percentage.


Have you seen the stone? Have you had the opportunity to compare it to others? Have you had the opportunity to show it to your own expert?


80% depth is definitely on the high side although not but not beyond the range of possibilities but this combined with the weight of just over a carat mark is a bad sign. A lot of stones in this weight range are cut for maximum weight instead of being cut for maximum beauty.



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I saw the diamond and it does look decent enough for 1 CT; I may be wrong though.


But for depth % ...isn't 80% close to internation trade cut minimum. I thought it was good % for sparkle.


I am planning to use white gold; do you think it will look good on that?



I guess it depends on what type of cut grade you are actually comparing it to.

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Hey everybody!

Gladius, to give you an idea, I checked through our inventory.

We have a 1.00 carat Princess cut that measures 5.62 x 5.49 x 4.01mm.

This equates to a 73% depth ratio-about as deep as I'd like to go.

The 1.03 you mentioned, which measures 5.22 X 5.20 X 4.16 mm, will look much smaller by comparison.

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