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Another Emerald Cut Depth Question


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Hello all, I just joined this forum and have found abundant information about diamonds! Great forum.


Let's cut to the chase. I am going to buy my first emerald cut diamond and propose to my 5-yr GF (finally). She has been hinting on the emerald-cut diamond on 2-Tapered-Baguette-Cut Diamonds setting. That's what I am going to get for her, naturally. B) . After shopping around at local jewerly stores, the price /choices are better online. Thus, I will be buying the stone from one of the well-reviewed online retailers.


I did a lot or research on EC (emerald cut) proportion and still find conflicting info. Yet, I finally narrowed down the choice of stones to this two.



CUT: Premium (online retailer 'jargon')

CARAT: 1.06



DEPTH: 71.8%

TABLE: 68%

GIRDLE: Thick to Very Thick


MEasurement: 6.71 - 4.85 - 3.48

L/W ratio: 1.38

Polish/Symmetry: Good/Good

Cullet: None

Price: $x


EC #2:

CUT: Very Good (online retailer 'jargon')

CARAT: 1.02



DEPTH: 64.3%

TABLE: 64%

GIRDLE: Medium to Slightly Thick


MEasurement: 6.65 - 5.10 - 3.28

L/W ratio: 1.30

Polish/Symmetry: Excellent/VeryGood

Cullet: None

Price: $x + $270 (i.e $270 more than EC#1).


The EC#1 diamond's depth is a bit 'too deep', IMHO. I'd appreciate it if any one care to comment on either stone. It seems there is 'information overload' in my head and I can't make the final decision. :unsure: Thx.


PS: I am going to try to request for the real pictures of the diamond.

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My 5-yr girlfriend was stoked when I proposed, so I feel you. B)


Please work with a jeweler who actually has the stone in hand - or will bring it in and do a full workup on it. Fancy shapes must be seen to be evaluated/appreciated. Anyone willing to 'drop ship' a stone to you is just looking for you to 'drop' your money. Sellers who will send you photos, demonstrate light performance and back the diamond up with generous return periods and lifetime trade-up policies are serious about consumer protection.


(stepping off soapbox)


The first stone's depth could easily be explained by the girdle, but I feel like a blind man swinging at a pinata in a blimp hanger trying to speculate on unseen fancies.

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Both the diamonds above have very similar GIA grades -one is an I/VS1 1.66 ct.


The other is 1.72 carats, I VVS1


They are within $900 of each other. Despite similar GIA reports, the two stones have different personalities. Nothing short of photos (or viewing them in person) will convey this

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