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I have been searching for an asscher cut for quite sometime. However, when I find a stone that is what I want, the GIA certificate will not say asscher, it says sqaure emerald. From what I have been able to gather is that the royal asscher is the only stone that GIA would have 'asscher' on its certificate. Im not looking to spend more for that. SO, if I get a sqaure emerald cut diamond will i be getting what is advertised as an asscher? Thanks for your help.

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Actually, they don't use Asscher to describe those either. That's a brand name and GIA avoids using them. It's sort of like calling a Frisbee a 'flying disk' or a Kleenex a 'facial tissue'. 'Square emerald' or 'modified square step' and the like is the generic term.



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Actually, the only place you'll see the term "Asscher cut" on a GIA report, is in the comments section. The reason being that the company that branded the name laser inscribed on the girdle.

Whatever his inscribed on the girdle of a diamond is mentioned on the gia report, therefore, the name "Royal Asscher" which is inscribed on the side of the diamond, is mentioned on the report.

The terminology GIA uses to describe the shape of a royal branded Asscher cut diamond will be "Octagonal Step Cut."

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I believe the other part of your question has to do with how to make sure you're getting a nice looking Asscher cut diamond, if you buy a square emerald cut.

It is absolutely essential to view either the diamond for good digital quality photographs of the diamond.



Here's an interesting diamond. It's not your traditional Asscher cut, but it shares a lot with an Asscher cut.


GIA classified this diamond as a "Cut Cornered Rectangular Step Cut"






The diamond above, which looks more like a traditional Asscher cut diamond, was classified as a "square emerald cut" by GIA

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