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Should I Return It?


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Hello all,

I am new to the forum and I just bought a diamond online (ebay,yes ebay). It is 2.51 ct round brilliant, G in color, SI2 in clarity. Certified by EGL. I read all about EGL before purchasing but was not aware of all the scrutiny involving some of their branches. Anyway, I received the stone yesterday and to me it is beautiful, white and catches the light beautifully. I see no inlusions face up, but when the stone is turned over I can see what look like several small light colored (almost gray in color) carbon like deposits. They are not visible face up though. I am taking it to a local well respected jeweler tomorrow so that he can look at it. I am so confused on the SI2 clarity and I have read all the posts here about it. I think that as long as it is beautiful to me and will set well, then that is all that matters. However, I just hope I was treated fairly price-wise. I know that most people think GIA is best, and I know that they are probably right, but this stone is still gorgeous to me. Any help and thoughts would be greatly appreciated, and excuse my lack of correct terminology!

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