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What Do You Think Of This Diamond?


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My fiance and I recently purchased a loose brilliant cut diamond which was set in an engagement ring. Our budget was limited to $3-4000, so we had a choice between a few stones.

The first diamond was an excellent cut, 50 points (GIA graded), F colour, VS1 clarity, and the second was 62 points, very good cut, (also GIA graded, F colour, and Vs1 clarity.

Both were really brilliant diamonds, but I got greedy in the end, and even though the jeweller said the smaller one was a better quality stone, I decided to go for the bigger one as it looked better in the solitaire setting....the other one looked kind of puny and insignificant, and to be honest, I couldnt really tell the difference between the two diamonds in respect to fire and brilliance. I am now wondering if I made the right decision, as the cut is the most important aspect in how brilliant a diamond will be. What do you think? Have I comprised quality over quantity, or is there not much difference to the naked eye in terms of a diamond being excellent cut or very good cut? I would really appreciate an expert opinion on this. The diamond vendor assures me that the diamond I have chosen will be brilliant..but I am having second thoughts now.

By the way, we paid $3, 700 for the rock and the 18kt gold ring.


The diamond statistics are:


Round brilliant

Measurements: 5.43-5.49x3.38mm

Carat weight: 0.62

Color grade: F

Clarity: VS1

Cut grade: very good


Table: 57%

Crown angle:34

Crown height:14.5%

Pavilion angle:40.8%

Pavilion depth:43%

Star length: 55%

Lower half:80%

Girdle: medium-thick faceted


Polish:very good



Clarity characteristics: cloud, crystal, needle

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