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A Television Segment About 47th St


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Very nice David. Sorry to hear that you got edited out. Thanks for sharing it with us anyway.


The street really is a very different microcosm. Saying that 90% of the diamonds in America pass through there strikes me as decidedly misleading. Although technically perhaps correct, I think you'll find that a similar analysis would show that Carlsbad CA (home of GIA) and Memphis TN (Home of FedEx) are both terribly important locations in the industry as well and that a significant number of diamonds also visit those locations. Saying that 30% or whatever of the diamonds pass through Memphis may be true as well but the conclusion that shoppers would draw from this about shopping in Memphis would be entirely incorrect. The flow of diamonds around the world is a very interesting subject and the street plays a terribly important part in it but every time I see one of these shows they seem to miss the point. The myth surrounding 47th street perpetuates all kinds of wrongheaded ideas about what constitutes a good deal and where is a good place to look for one and it attracts both sharks and their victims to the block.


Any idea what's due to happen with the final broadcast?



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Thank you Neil!

I suppose we were a little disappointed that the segment did not get the air, but shooting it was so much darn fun, that I'm still glad we did it.


I see what you're saying about the 90% figure. Of course, I did not write the copy that the host spoke.

It probably is true that a large percentage of the diamonds coming into this country, come through New York, but it may be misleading to consumers, taken out of context.


In terms of the final broadcast, it actually did air. The show had other segments about buying things, such as a segment in Christie's auction house that did air.

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