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Is A Real Royal Asscher Worth It?


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I'm looking to buy an engagement ring and am specifically looking at Asscher style diamonds. The question is do I spend more for a real Royal Asscher or look for something cheaper?

It's up to you really. You should probably look at some diamond comparisons. The royal asschers do get more flashes of colored light coming from them and they look different than most of the generic asscher cut diamonds.

They are very limited though and more rare than the generic asschers or what most call the square emerald cut diamonds.


Most of the people that we sell Royal asschers too will not settle for the generics once they have seen the Royal Asschers in person.

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hi everybody, I agree, the Royal branded Asscher diamonds are very very nice stones. We used to carry them, but stopped due to the fact that they're very difficult to get in specific sizes, colors and clarities -I think this is part of the reason that they are priced so much higher than nonbranded stones.

Luckily we been able to find many nonbranded stones that are just as pretty as the brand ones.

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