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History Of Hof


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The man that I have been dating recently proposed to me and gave me a "Hearts on Fire" diamond ring....


He told me that the ring has been in his family for nearly 50 years.


The ring has the HoF stamp on the inside of the band, but it is my understanding that the HoF brand name has only been in existence since 1996. I have been to the "Hearts on Fire" website and the band is in their collection, it is what they call the "Felicity Dream" band.


I have seen the appraisal that he had done on this ring, so I know that the diamond is truly an HoF diamond.


So what I would like to know is if there is a possiblity that this ring is that old, I suspect that this ring belonged to his ex-wife.


I am looking for clarification and suggestions.


Thank you

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Maybe his time spent with his ex-wife just seemed like 50 years.


You've already done your research and you already know your answer. HoF has been in business since 1996. If it's a genuine HoF, it does not predate that. If the design is currently in their catalog it's probably quite a bit more recent than that although I don't know anything about when they introduced that design.



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