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Deciding Between These Two Diamonds.


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Hello everyone,


I just wanted to thank everyone for all the helpful information provided on this website and forum. I am also a newbie to diamonds and I have tried my best to learn from the web, as well as here. I recently walked into a jewelry store and I looked at a few loose diamonds. Now going in, I was considering Round cut diamonds in the range of:


F-G Color

VSS1-VS1 Clarity

Ex-VG Cut

Ex-VG Symmetry

Ex-VG Polish


I spent about two hours there, spending the last hour looking at just two. Unfortunately, I don't have the full specs, but they are as follow:


Diamond #1

Round Cut 1.20 Carat

Cut: Very Good

Color: G

Clarity: VS2

Sym: Excellent

Pol: Excellent

Est Price: $8300


Diamond #2

Round Cut 1.20 Carat

Cut: Good

Color: H

Clarity: VS1

Sym: Good

Pol: Very Good

Est Price: $6700-$6900



The jeweler mentioned that the G color stone had a slight larger table, don't know if that means anything. Both diamonds looked clean to the eye. In terms of the fire/brilliance, they appear to be the same, which seem strong. Rotating, angling, close and far from the eye, both diamonds appear nice to look at. But can it be better, I'm not sure. Though I'm not sure how much fire/brilliance would make a good diamond. I mean if it is very obvious, like this particular diamond that I saw that had visible carbons and basically no fire/brilliance, I know that diamond is of poor quality. I guess I am just concerned in this regard, because I'm not sure what the strongest fire/brilliance/scin diamond would look like, or maybe I've seen one already. I apologize for rambling. Hope there was some sense to that. :D


So I had searched some prices from the find online jeweler tab, which had a lower price difference of about $500-1000 for both diamonds. Standalone, would each respective diamond be worth the asking price? And which diamond would be a good buy? Your responses are much appreciated. Thank you.

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Really very difficult to give an opinion on these two diamonds and to tell you which stone is "better' with so little information.


It is instructive that you mention that both diamonds face up with equivalent sparkle-brilliance and that you can not pick them apart. If so, then definitely go with the less expensive diamond as it makes no sense to pay more money for something that you can't see. The money you save is your setting.


Insofar as your question as to whether there are better light performance diamonds out there compared to these two that you have seen, it is impossible to answer without providing light performance measurements.


If this is a major concern for you I would suggest that you keep looking and canvass other Jewelers in your area.


Good Luck!

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Hi Barry,


Happy New Year! Thank you for your reply.


I had asked the jeweler what he thought the fire/brilliance/scin for both diamonds on the scale of 1 to 10, and he said about a 7-8. Say his opinion was a good estimate, I was wondering if a diamond with a 10 would appear slightly more vibrant or would it reach a whole other level of vibrance. Would an average person be able to clearly see this difference, or maybe only a trained professional?

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Happy New Year to you as well.


You pose some very good questions.


A score of '8' is quite good. In general, You have to make your assessment not on what "experts/tradespeople" see but on what you see and on what your friends, colleagues, and family see which is quite different.


Moreover, slight variations in facet angle, facet size, and facet alignmnets by the diamond cutter will result in variations in face-up brilliance, dispersion, and scintillation that you may or may not pick up.


Again, the only way for you to decide whether you like one l@@k over another is to see as many diamonds as possible and in various lighting conditions.


I don't know what the Jeweler situation/stores is in the area you live in but it would be to your advantage to see as many diamonds as possible in order to develop an image in your mind's eye of what you like/dislike.

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