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Happy New Years To All!!!


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I'd just like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy New Year with the best of health and happiness for you and yours!


Your contributions here make this forum a great place to hang out and to exchange ideas and information!

The civility of this forum from both consumers and tradespeople alike is (and should be) a model for all other diamond discussion groups in cyberspace.


Kudos to Hermann (moderator of this forum) for allowing this forum to become such a special and meaningful source of information to its many consumers and readers!


Kudos to my esteemed colleagues (John Q., Neil, Yekutiel, Moshe, Jan, Brad, Adylon, Less, David F., My Dad - Barry of course, and anyone I may have inadvertently left out) for your many contributions, insights and information which have empowered consumers to select the rings of their dreams!


I wish you all the very best that life has to offer for this New Year!


Happy Holidays.

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I have to hand it to you Judah. I couldn’t have written it nor said better than you have. I would like to wish you and all your family a happy healthy prosperous new year. A special thanks to Hermann for organizing a beautiful environment should not be overlooked. Thank you.


Once again for all the participates in the forum Happy and Fruitful 2008.





Diamond Consultant



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