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How To Take A Picture Of My Ring


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guys..this is kinda dumb, but any advice on how to take a picture of my ring so i can post here to share with all of you?

i tried everything but cant get a real good closeup of the ring in focus


i have a Canon powershot camera...any advice on how to take a good close up pic and have it come out clean for everyones viewing pleasuure?

exposure level? flash? etc.



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Hi chan,


see if your camera has a "Macro" function. That allows you to take close up pictures. If not, focusing may be a problem.


Otherwise, try borrowing a camera with a Marco lens attached.


I don't think the flash is going to be a good idea. With a normal flash, you're probably going to get a shadow of the lens covering the diamond in your picture. This is due to the close proximity of the lens to the subject, and the flash positioned directly above the camera. Unless you can get your hands on a "ring flash" which is a rather uncommon (outside photographic society circles) and expensive item, I would not bother with one. Your best bet (I think) would be to try natural lighting or back-lighting (can be tricky to achieve).






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