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Clarity Question


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at what level does clarity become an issue to the naked eye? there is a fairly big price difference between VVS2 and VS1, yet reading the literature it seems that the inclsions at the lower level are still not visible to the naked eye. at some point the decreased clarity must effect the stone's fire and brilliance, but what is that level, typically?


the site is very informative and the people very friendly and helpful, so thanks!

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Neil is correct as the general rule.


Much also depends on the Cut Quality of the diamond.


The better the cut, the more light is refracted up through the Table and Crown facets to your eye thus masking your ability to pick out the inclusions.


This past week we showed a GIA VS-2 that had a black carbon spot directly under the center table vs. a SI-2 that had scattered grey-black carbon nests on the periphery. The Customer could pick out the VS-2 inclusion without the aid of a loupe whereas the SI-2 faced up eye-clean.

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It's important to remember that GIA grades clarity based on the presence of imperfection- as opposed to it's visibilty.


Barry's example is a good one- I've also seen correctly graded VS2 diamonds whose imperfections were visible.

We've sold many I1 diamonds- again correctly graded by GIA- which were eye clean.

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