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I Found A Stone I'm Interested In


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Hi I found a stone I might be interested in pursuing (princess cut diamond). It fits the parameters that I am looking for, but I think (almost positive) the price is marked up a lot higher then if I went to another online jeweler looking for the exact same stone. The reason I know this that they have virtual listings of other diamonds that I have seen on other search engines but the site I'm looking marks them up anywhere from $600-$2000 then the other online jewelers. An example would be one princess diamond that I've seen on other sites that is averaging around $2250 the site in question has it listed for $3750.


I sent an email to the site inquiring about the stone and got a GIA cert and on the site they say their prices are negotiable so I asked and they said they could knock it down by 3% (around $80) they also have a large shipping charge.


Knowing this, could I be able to contact another online jeweler with the stats of the stone and see if they could get it, I don't believe that it is unique to their inventory. I'm not trying to get the lowest bargain basement price or spend a lot of time haggling but I want to at least know I'm getting a value.

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No one will fault you for seeking the best deal possible, but bear in mind the possible differences in services and support.


Services: A one-man internet seller will ask less to drop-ship you a stone he never sees from a third-party supplier than a large company with support staff will charge to bring it in, do gemological analysis and provide a full benefits package with it. Remember, there is no such a thing as “free shipping†or “free lifetime resizing.†Companies can spread these costs across overall markup for client convenience, but they do cost. Factor in what the seller offers beyond just flipping the diamond: Is this someone who is encumbering shipping & insurance expenses for bringing items in? Are photos taken? Reports run? Is someone hired to document and post information, live or online? Is a credentialed gemologist hired to inspect each diamond? Are there reputable experts on staff giving clients their time, replying to questions and concerns? A one-man seller who flips diamonds without seeing them, providing no photos, information or gemological analysis will have less overhead than a company focused on consumer protection (but let the buyer beware).


Support. There is a huge difference between some guy operating out of a basement and a real business. Retails stores, brick & clicks, and reputable internet sellers are often based in upscale commercial areas. Established companies typically offer long-term support in the way of lifetime trade-up policies and client-loyalty/referral programs. They carry in-house inventory and have long-standing roots in the trade. These companies bear rent & insurance, building security, power/water/air, and a large payroll required to maintain a qualified staff (sales, processing, gemologists, benchworkers, platinumsmiths, designers). Those with showrooms require additional insurance and security. The most supportive sellers have been around for decades and are not going anywhere. That kind of ‘brand recognition’ can be worth a premium - to know the company won’t disappear in a puff of smoke tomorrow. There is great security in buying from a company associated with quality and consistency. Sometimes the premium is modest, sometimes it’s quite steep (Tiffany & Co, for example).


Typically you get what you pay for. The competitive internet market boasts the smallest markups available to consumers. Companies are already trading diamonds for far less than retail stores. “Price matching,†in essence, is a done-deal. When deciding on your bottom line, consider the specific products, service and support that best meets your needs. A little extra will go a long way with companies who wish to make you a client for life – not just one transaction.

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