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New, And I Need Advice. Diamond Watch


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Hi, I'm thinking of making a purchase with Bidz.com. I have seen mixed reviews in the forum, and I'm not sure if I should make the purchase or not. I'll try to provide as much info as I can and hopefully get a little help with this decision.


Brand-Freeze, The Braclet is Stainless Steel, The Dial is Mother of Pearl (white),


Diamonds- qty.-225, ctw-2.25 (total weight 0.07oz), shape-round, color-J-K (crystal, slightly tinted white to tinted white), clarity-I2-I3 (visible natural charcteristics).


I was bidding on this watch, then let it go to someone else, bidz then said this item was in stock, and I can buy it for a little less than $500.00. I don't beleive I'm committed at this point and any input is welcome.


One thing I'm curious about is, do you think these diamonds will be dull? I'm looking to give this as a gift but I want something my brother will like. I have a Bulova watch with 12 small diamonds that throws off light nicely & I really like. I'm not sure of the ctw, but it can't be much. From what I understand I2-I3 is the bottom of the barrel, but do you think this watch will catch the light, or could they just as well be crystals? I'm anxious to hear any opinions and it would be a huge help, X-Mas is getting pretty clse.





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I-3's in that size look sort of like sugar cubes that are really really small. I would not expect any light return at all from them. J-K color means slightly dirty sugar cubes.


I must admit, this is the first ad I recall seeing where they give diamond weight in ounces.


The watch may very well be pretty, I've never seen it and I've never heard of the brand. A lot of guys are not terribly picky and they like the idea of a couple of carats of 'genuine' diamonds. That's a decision for you to make. Pretty ones cost a lot more. Based on the observation that the manufacturer has chosen to close them out on bidz, it doesn't seem to be selling well for them but who knows, it may be just the right thing for your brother.



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Nice watch for the money.

However, there is a connection here between price/value.


The guy selling this watch is not altrustically inclined to give something away for nothing.

He is also making a (nice) profit.


Thus, the actual quality of the watch/diamonds is probably akin to that of a mickey mouse watch sold for far less money.


I would say, buy the "look" not the "quality".


Good luck.

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So I checked out Bidz again today, and I saw a similar watch so I bid & got this one about $100.00 less than the previous. It doesn't have the mother of pearl, but I think the diamonds may be a little better. The color is G-H (top wesselton, rare white to white), clarity is SI2-I1 (eye clean). Hopefully this one will be a little more "bling". I guess either my brother or I will take it to a jeweler or appraiser just to make sure it's real. It does have crystals in it as well. Anyway, thanks for the input.





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