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First Diamond - Anything To Be Aware Of?


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Hi all,


I have recently purchased a diamond and am pretty happy with the price but would like any thoughts on the stone and if there is anything I have overlooked which would depress the value of the stone? The only thing I was wary of was the EGL certification but in the small city I am in most of the stones seem to be EGL or another non GIA graded and I wanted to visually inspected the stone myself with an untrained eye!


I paid ~$11,700 (AUD) or $10,000 (USD) at todays ex rate.


Searching online dealers (blunnile etc) it seems pretty good given it was from a physical jewler. There jewlers in the same city seemed to be much more expensive and the store I got this from is very well known and respected...


All this makes me nervous as it seems too good...


The information is below: Comments welcome!

4 C's

Cut & Shape : Round Brilliant

Carat Weight : 1.30 Cts. Fluor: None

Color Grade : F

Clarity Grade : VVS1


Dimensions : 7.08-7.05x4.29mm.

Total Depth : 60.7% Crown Height : 14 %

Table Width : 58% Pavillion Depth : 44 %

Girdle : Thin, Faceted


Polish : Excellent

Symmetry : Excellent

Culet : None


- "DiaScript" appears on the girdle.

- "EXCELLENT IDEAL CUT" - The quality of the cut of this diamond achieved excellence in symmetry and proportions, thus obtaining the optimal dispersion of light and brillaince.


Thanks in Advance!

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That seems like a reasonable deal, especially if you’ve seen the stone and you love it. EGL grading can be difficult to compare, even to other EGL’s and sometimes their ideas of VVS1 and F are considerably different from others. It sounds like you’re happy with your dealer and if they stand behind the grading and you love the stone, it sounds like you’ve got a hit.



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I agree with Neil,

If you love the stone- then congrats!


I do think that it's important to point out that a diamond graded F/VVS2 without a GIA report ( or by some other lab) can be worth less than half one that does have the GIA report.


The term "EXCELLENT IDEAL CUT" is like a used car salesman telling you "it's a creampuff" there's absolutely NO real meaning to this phrase in this context- yet it's used as if it actually means something.

To me, that;'s just another reason these sub par labs wil never achieve the legitimacy of GIA.

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