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Just Bought A Diamond, Did I Pay Too Much?


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I just bought a diamond, anyone with some diamond knowledge please tell me how much is reasonable for this stone.

The E.G.L. diamond mini-cert says the following:


4 C's

Cut & Shape : Radiant

Carat Weight : 1.00 Cts. Fluor: None

Color Grade : G

Clarity Grade : VS2


Dimensions : 5.74-5.72 x 3.99 mm.

Total Depth : 69.8% Crown Height : 7 %

Table Width : 78 % Pavillion Depth : 62 %

Girdle : Thin Polished


Polish : Very Good

Symmetry : Very Good

Culet : None


- "DiaScript" appears on the girdle.

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There’s a database that you can access through the link at the top of the page ‘find online jeweler’ where you can look up similarly described stones being offered for sale here. EGL/G/VS2/1.00/Radiant seems to be asking in the mid $3000’s. Stores often charge a bit more than these guys so if you bought from a store you probably paid a premium over this. You’ll also notice that the range seems to go from a low of about $3000 to a high of about $4500. That’s a pretty big span. The difference has to do with grading accuracy and cutting, which aren’t discussed in the stats you’ve provided. Add all of this up and I guess I would call 'reasonable' between $3000 and $6000 in most situations.


How much was yours?



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