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I Think I Found My Rock


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Hey all..so i've been studying the 4cs...going on various sites..speaking to certain diamond merchants...and i have decided to purchase from BN.

The diamond i've picked out has the following specs:


1.27ct I VS2 GIA certified-excellent cut


Depth- 61.9%



any thoughts?

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Those numbers don't tell us much. GIA I/VS2 is terrific :) but a huge percentage of value is in the cut quality. Although it's GIA EX cut - GIA's cut grading is one area where they have an Achilles heel. Fantastic configurations are allowed, but there are also steep/deep combinations allowed into EX where diamonds appear smaller than they should for weight, appear dark and/or entrap body color when present.


This is not to say that the diamond you've purchased has any issues (and even if it did they have a good return policy) but numbers give limited information. You'll find many sellers provide actual photos as well as ideal-scope images and/or other proof of performance to demonstrate a diamond's cut precision and light return beyond simple measurements.


I write this for the benefit of other shoppers, as you have already ordered your diamond. Chances are it's going to be rocking - the preliminary indicators are good - but there is no way for us to tell without more info. Let us know how you like it.

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