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How Much Would You Estimate My Diamond At?


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I recently purchased a Peerless diamond from Jared and was wanting to see what you all would estimate the value of it at! I just want to make sure I didn't get a bum deal on it!


It is a Peerless Princess Cut .761carat.

Color: AGS 2.0 (H)

Cut: AGS Ideal (0)

Clarity: AGS 1 (VVS1)


I would appreciate any and all feedback...



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Hi there, I would highly recommend using the search engine "find online jeweler" and see what some reputable sites have it listed as. This may provide you with some useful personal information. As is commonly seen on this board. It is difficult to estimate price without having the diamond in person. Therefore from your specs I would speculate that it is virtual impossible to estimate a price for your diamond. Hope this helps

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