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Emerald Cut


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Hey guys, I need help with buying an emerald cut diamond. I know a person who is close with some jewelers and he got me an emerald cut diamond which I wanted. I saw the diamond. He says that it has not yet been certified and that he can certify the diamond through some local appraisers that have got the education through GIA. He is just trying to help me get the best diamond. he told me the person who appraised it told him it is a VVS1 clarity, G color, 1.11C, and it is ideal cut. Now when I looked at it, it was very clear and it looked well cut But the thing is that it shines a little some times but under the light it shines more.



I just want to know from you guys if that is normal from an emerald cut since it was very clear that I can see my hands behind the diamond when I looked at it from the top surface and also it was pretty lite in terms of the weight.






one more thing, he also told me that if I would to appraise it through GIA that it would cost me 150 plus shipping insurance and charges. Now this is in canadian.


thank you guys

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If it’s really true that you can see through the stone, that’s a very bad sign for the cutting. When looking at any stone from the top, emerald cut or not, you shouldn’t be able to see through it at all.


GIA doesn’t appraise, they grade for weight, clarity and color. They don’t grade the cutting at all and there is no standard for ‘ideal’ in an emerald cut so I wonder what scale your dealers friend is using. That’s about right for GIA’s fees. Expect them to take at least a month if you decide to send it in.


Grading done by a local appraiser working for the dealer is no progress over what you’ve already got. If you don’t want to rely on his grader (which I wouldn’t), you need to find someone who is working for you, not him. The best is someone who isn’t in the business of selling diamonds and who doesn’t even know who supplied this one.



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