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88 Cut?


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I am new to this site and I'm having trouble searching the forums for references to the 88 cut diamond since "88" is less than 4 characters... so I feel the need to ask the question...


I'm not sure if this is a double post, as I've been researching this a lot and have been turned in circles, so I apologize in advanced if I have already asked this question here...


Anyways, I'm looking for information on the 88 cut diamond. Is it terribly more expensive than conventional diamonds because of the brand? I like the unique shape of the stone and it has beautiful fire, but I'm looking for value compared to conventional round cut stones. Also, will it retain it's value in the market through the years? Or will it potentially lose value because the shape isn't as popular or what-ever.


Also, I am having difficulty finding it in retail stores. I just wanted to look at it here in the continental US and compare prices to what I've seen over seas.


Any help is appreciated.


Thanks for your consideration.

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Contact the manufacturer about what stores carry their line.



They seem to be connected to Diamonds International, which is a chain that sets up their stores in cruise port locations but this does include some in the US, especially Florida, US Virgin Islands and Alaska. Cruise ports tend to be among the highest rent locations on the planet and it does tend to get reflected in their prices.


Yes, you are paying a premium for the brand, as well as for the service through the dealer. It’s also worth noting that 88’s are octagonal, not round.


Predicting future ‘value’ is a tricky thing. I think it’s likely that the cost of 88’s at stores will continue to rise along with all diamonds because of the increasing costs of mining and manufacturing but this is just a guess. Historically, the cost of diamond at retail has climbed rather steadily but in recent years it’s actually dropped. Mind you, the cost of mining and manufacturing have continued to climb, what’s dropped is the margin that dealers can charge. There is a great deal of handwringing among jewelers over this and obviously there’s a limit to how low they can go. The pinch is coming from Internet merchants, from direct selling by manufacturers and from a highly competitive marketplace in general. I think this is likely to continue but there is a definite minimum below which the jewelers will simply stop selling diamonds and will devote their time and resources to doing something else. Many have already arrived at this point.


This is not to say that 88’s (or any other diamond for that matter) are a good financial instrument. Most individuals have no market to resell and they find that the transaction costs are extremely high on the selling end. Fancy shapes, meaning non-round, generally are more difficult to sell than the rounds. Currently the highest ratio of typical resale to typical cost generally happens with ideal cut round brilliant cut untreated natural diamonds in the medium to high grades with major lab reporting to prove the provenance. Yeah, that's pretty specific. You're correct to observe that fashion plays a role in this and fashion is definitely NOT a gemological property.



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