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Which Diamond Is Better? (w/pictures!)


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Greetings all. I've been soaking in knowledge from this forum for a bit and would like a quick opinion. I'm about to purchase one of these and would love to have opinions on which one is nicer. I've seen neither in person, these are just shots I've saved from online. I've included their specifics below as well. The second one looks whiter and has slightly better clarity but the first one appears to be more brilliant (more facets?). Please let me know what you think! Thanks!


I should quickly add that the 1.23 is $5150 and the 1.2 is $4860.


Shape:PrincessCarat weight:1.23Cut:PremiumColor:IClarity:VS2Certificate:GIA Depth:72.9%Table:74.0%Polish:Very GoodSymmetry:Very GoodGirdle:ThinCulet:NoneFluorescence:NoneMeasurements:5.91*6.12*4.31Ratio:1.04



Shape:PrincessCarat weight:1.20Cut:PremiumColor:IClarity:VS1Certificate:GIA Depth:74.5%Table:72.0%Polish:Very GoodSymmetry:GoodGirdle:ThinCulet:NoneFluorescence:NoneMeasurements:5.89*5.85*4.36Ratio:1.01

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