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Fake Or Real


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Hello,i have only just registered to this discussion board and think it is absolutely great,the first post i read (Jan 27th 2005 ) was about fake or real diamonds,i wanted to try the dot test on what i believe (i hope ) is a diamond in my possession,the one problem i have with trying the test,is that the stone has a layer of what i can only describe as gold gilt on the bottom,why is the gilt there?would i being doing wrong to remove the gilt to carry out the test ?.

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I just wanted to ask: My stone did pass the dot test :rolleyes: , the dot was not in sight when i flipped my stone over. So does this mean it is a real diamond or are diamonds the only stones that can pass this test? :rolleyes:



I knew someone who had a ring passed down to them that they weren't sure if it was fake or real. They ended up calling a few jewelry stores they were referred to and for a fairly low price, had it appraised. They found out it was real, and worth quite a bit!


Wouldn't hurt to find someone inexpensive that has been referred to you to see if it's real or not.

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