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Opinion On A Diamond


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I'm new here and I would appreciate your opinions on a diamond


GIA Certified (7/10/2007)


2.00 Carat

Measurements 8.10-8.21 x 4.89 mm


Clarity-SI2 (It has a small white inclusion, like an air bubble, just to the right of the table, visible with naked eye at 10 inches)



Symmetry-Very Good




Crown angle-30.5

Girdle-medium to thick

Pavilion angle-42.8

Pav depth-46.5%


Price $12,400


The diamond looks nice, only small inclusion, sparkles well, slight "scrath" on surface under the girdle. The table looks larger than most other diamonds I've seen but I'm not sure if that's a bad things. It still looks nice, just different.


My friend's mom is a diamond broker and she had it sent to my from new york but I haven't made a decision on it yet.


Your opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Jay,


From a technical standpoint of pedigree and performance this is not a top option. The spready table and shallow crown will make for very little fire compared to more conventional table/crown combinations, even under direct lighting, and the deep pavilion can cause a dark "nailhead" effect in diffused conditions.


GIA paper is nice to have, but GIA's "Good" cut grade is a notch below the extremely liberal 'Very Good' range and two notches below the somewhat liberal 'EX.' Those measurements are predicted to earn a 6 from AGS (on a scale of 0 to 10 where 0 indicates highest performance). Put bluntly, I'd estimate this diamond is at the midrange of commerical quality at best when measured in GIA or AGS metrics.


With all that disclosed - are you sorry you asked? :) - your eyes are what is most important. You must balance how this diamond appears to you, compared to others in side-by-side comparisons through a broad range of lighting. Hopefully you will have the opportunity to compare it next to similar carat/color/clarity diamonds that boast GIA EX or AGS0 cut grades. If it beats out such others side-by-side in your eyes there is nothing that says GIA or AGS research should dictate what you like.

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I agree with John. There's a reason it was sent to the GIA instead of AGS, and a reason it was cut to only 2.00cts. Economics didn't allow this stone to be cut to more ideal standards because it would have reduced the price significantly due to the weight reduction, and so it was left at 2.00cts with a less favorable cut.

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