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Heart Diamond


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I'm looking at purchasing a HEART Diamond and have no idea of pricing and value for money, reputable cert ect....

Here are some spec's for a diamond I was looking at;



Carat: 0.61

Colour: D

Clarity: VS1

Depth: 57

Table: 52

Cert: GIA

Fluorescence: No

Lustre: VG

Polish: VG

Symmetry: VG

Dimensions: 6.04*5.29*3.42


Sorry no pics...


What do you think I'd be looking at price wise, please tell me in Australian or American Dollers....

Any advise would be much appreciated :D


Thanks Heaps,


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HI Lozz84- no need to apologize for not having a photo- the seller should be the one making excuses.

And with a heart shape, buying without even a single photo is very risky.

The reason is that there's a wide variety of shapes that can be called a Heart. None of this is located on a GIA report- they use the same plot regardless of the actual shape of the diamond.

Some shapes are quite attractive, others not so.


Knowing the price, but not what you're buying is doing it blind.


If I saw a .61 ct heart I really loved, and GIA graded it D/VS1, I'd say we'd sell it for a little more than US$2k

Here's a .59 E/VS1 round off our site at $2349- a heart shape of the same quality is a little less.

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