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It's 'cyber Monday' For Online Diamond Jewelers!


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Guys and Gals,


'Cyber-Monday' is officially here and many online merchants of fine diamonds and jewelry are offering steep discounts and special deals.


Indeed, Cyber Monday is viewed by many as the kickoff to the Holiday shopping season online.

Online jewelers have traditionally reported a significant spike in diamond and jewelry sales today.


Click here and get the inside scoop on some incredible savings!


Here is to hoping you spend a ton of money and save even more! :rolleyes:


Happy Holidays!

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Thank you for that Judah...

It's an interesting position you guys have taken- linking to other sellers on your own blog.....Cool!






Only since you mentioned it...


The focus of Diamond Vues is that it function as a news source for/on the diamond industry and that it be valuable to both consumers and tradespeople alike.


Within this context, the blog would be worthless if all I did was plug Excel all day.


To be sure, we are completely transparent with our obvious connection to Excel and of course we will periodically post to the blog with updates re: our company.


However, There are many extremely reputable jewelers, jewelry designers, vendors, jewelry stores, branded diamonds, etc. on the Internet and off. Truly, they are all an intrinsic part of the "Diamond Industry".


If we are to be taken seriously (the blog itself) as a news source/blog for the diamond industry (albeit with our own flavor and -by definition, objective/subjective perspectives), it is in our own best interests to spread the wealth, so to speak.


The "Industry" is the sum of its parts.

If you take the "parts" out of the equation and leave yourself only, "you cut your own nose to spite your face".


The incredible success of our blog (if I may allow ourselves this small accolade... and relevant to my response to your point..) and positive feedback from all sectors is a testament to the validity of this approach.


Of course others quite possibly see this differently and there is logic there as well...



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Interesting Judah.

Of course, we have been gifted with amazing success and high traffic on our own forum, which does not feature any other sellers.

For us, it's not about being a news source for the industry, rather a resource for those looking at our site- or those that have questions about our specialties- such as Natural Fancy Colors, and Fancy Shapes in diamonds. Luckily it has NOT proven to be worthless :rolleyes:



I suppose you must need to check out any links so as not to include bad sellers.....

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