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Opinions On This Diamond


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I'd like opinions of this diamond:


Weight: 1.78

Color: D

Clarity: SI1

Table: 60%

Depth: 60.8

Pavillion Depth: 44%

Crown Depth: 13%

Polish: VG

Symetry: VG

Girdle: M

Culet: none

Flour: none

Cert: EGL


Price: $11,000


Note: Compared color with master stones and it looks to be an accurate D color (maybe an E, but no lower than that).

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OK, so you’ve seen it, and you’ve personally graded it. Do you also agree with the clarity? As I’m sure you know, the accuracy of these things make a fairly big difference in the price. Did you cut grade it as well? What did you come up with? Is it pretty?



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I think the price means something here.

A 1.75 round brilliant, GIA graded D/SI1- with an "EX" cut grade, will likely cost in excess of $16k these days.


That in itself tells us a lot.

The same cut grade, and size if GIA gave it E/SI2 ...somewhere between $11 and 13k+- depending on if it's eye clean.

Diamonds with less than EX cut grades can go for 10-25% less depending.....


I'm also very curious as to how the seller represented the EGL....

I'd bet the diamond has been to GIA at one time.

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