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Princess Cut Girdle, Depth And Table Question


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Princess cuts can not really be evaluated on numbers alone as the irregular architecture of this shape lends itself to yielding beautiful face up stones with a variety of table and depth combinations.


Best advice if you're shopping on-line is to work with a vendor that can eyeball the diamonds for you as well as provide you with photographs and evaluations of light performance.

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Make sure you work with a vendor that actually sees the diamond and can take a photo for you and evaluate the light performance on the diamond. This is very important or you could end up with a dud.

A couple of numbers on a piece of paper won't tell you how beautiful the diamond is in person. They aren't like a TV or stereo where a certain model all look the same. Each diamond is individual. You can have 2 diamonds with the same numbers and one will be beautiful and the other not.

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The aspect you’re not grasping is cutting and I agree it’s confusing as can be. Even most jewelers don’t understand it. Table & depth are two measurements that often appear on lab reports and since this is all that the reports mention, folks hope it’s enough to make a reasonable shopping decision. Unfortunately, hoping just doesn’t make it so. Although there is an AGS Ideal standard for princess cuts, and I rather like them, it is not widely used and it’s not based on table and depth measurements in any case. I agree with both of the above, first choose a dealer who actually has the stone and who can discuss with you the relative merits and demerits of each particular one. If they’re going off of a chart that says a particular table size is ‘ideal’, then they didn’t understand the question.



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