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Is Tiffany worth it?

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Am looking for an engagement ring. Ideal .75 F VS2 about. Would there be any other reasons to buy from Tiffany other than their established status and Classic heritage? THeir ring is about 7 gran. with platinum. I looked at the commercialized place Robbins Bros. for the same ring at 600. less with a lifetime warranty even if you lose the diamond. Wow, don`t think anyone can beat that. Hmmm... So who would you reccomend to buy a diamond from for the money? Jewelery exchange in Tustin CA? Also, how can you tell if a certifacate is legit? I don`t think I could ever buy a diamond over the net. Thank you . MZ

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My first question would be: Is it really the same quality of stone?

Maybe color, clarity and carat are the same, but how is the cut?

Is the stone well proportioned? I've been looking at Tiffany too and

they don't specifically say that their stones are ideal (isn't that term

used only for rounds?), just that they are "near ideal."


I thought I had to have the Lucida, but ultimately chose a stone

elsewhere because it was 1/3 less, equal in all 4 C'sand he's going

to mimic the Lucida setting for me. As a fellow consumer, the

best advice I can give you is to find out everything you can about

whatever jeweler you use. Tiffany has a great reputation for quality

jewelry. I looked for that in a different jeweler who didn't up the price

b/c of his "name." I think I found it. This jeweler has been in

business for 35 years. He was even commissioned by our state

to design and make pieces for our governor to wear when Queen

Elizabeth visited a few years ago. So, look for someone who has

a good reputation and has been around a while.

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Wow, your jeweler sounds like a real gem (sorry!). Would you mind sending me his/her contact information and a brief review ( I'd love to post it under "Jeweler Search"

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It's Richard D. Eiseman Jewels in Dallas, Texas. I checked the

jeweler search area and he is listed with the correct information.


The store was opened by Richard Eiseman, Sr. and is now

run by Richard Eiseman, Jr - a Graduate Gemologist. I was

told that the craftsman they use worked for Tiffany for over a



I haven't actually received my's being set right now.

I'll briefly give my initial thoughts now and will write a complete

review in the jeweler search area after it's all finished.


Mr. Eiseman seems to be a very knowledgeable man. He spent

plenty of time with me, letting me look at the stone through a

scope and taking it out of it's setting so I could see it loose. He

was patient in answering all of my questions and made sure I

understood his explanations. One thing that seemed creepy:

he went overboard with compliments. "What a lovely blouse,

let me feel that." Is that a new watch? You weren't wearing it

last time. It's very nice." Because he did it after I'd made the

purchase I think that it's just his way (maybe he did lke my

blouse) or that the women who frequently shop there expect

to be doted on and he thought I expected it too. They have been

very good about making follow up phone calls to let me know

where they are with creating my setting and keeping me updated

on when they expect to be finished.


That's where I am now. I'll write more when the ring is actually

on my finger!

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