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Is This A Good Deal??? Please Help Us Out. Please


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Cut- Round Brilliant

Clarity- I1

Color- F

Flor.- None

Price- $3900

Company- Whitehall


we have been looking for engagement rings for the last 6 months or so. So I do understand what the 4C's are. The I1 that we saw had only one itty bitty spot and that wasn't even seen by the naked eye. I had to look so hard to find that one spot with that magnify glass thing that you hold to you eye and you can barely see it. You have to hold it to a certain angle with the thing to your eye to see it.


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The I1 clarity grade covers quite a bit of ground and the difference between the best and the worst are considerable. I’ll take your word for it that the clarity grading is accurate and acceptable. What about the color and the cut? Who graded the color? Do you know anything at all about the cutting?


The usual reason to shop at Whitehall is because of the financing options and the convenience of the stores, not because of the quality of the merchandise or the prices. You didn’t mention either of these as part of your criteria and, assuming that they aren’t big issues for you, you can probably do better than this if you keep shopping. Try moving beyond the mall to the standalone stores, the mom and pop type places out in the suburbs and possibly the Internet based advertisers. The link at the top of the page called 'find online jeweler' is a good place to start. Even if you have no intention of buying online it can give you a good feel for competitive pricing.



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Who graded this diamond?






Another Lab?


The Store?


Important to know as the color grade by other than GIA or AGS may not actually be an "F" but lower.


In general stores such as Whitehall sell EGL and IGI graded diamonds, whose grading is not as accurate and stringent as that of either GIA or AGS.


A EGL/IGI "F" color can be a GIA "H", in which case you're paying more for less.

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As Barry mentioned, without knowing what lab the grading report comes from, it is difficult to give an opinion on if this is a good deal or not. If it isn't a GIA or AGS report, then the grades are not giong to be entirely accurate.


Also, what kind of cut grading did it receive? This is crucial.


Just as a side note, I ran a search using those specs and came up with an average price of aronud $3250. This is only for GIA or AGS stones.

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