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Opinions Please - On The Following Diamond Specs


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Hi there - Im looking at the following Princess Diamond and the spacs are below - know a little, but looking for some solid opinions and advise.


1.04 carat Princess Cut Diamond, D in color, VS1 in clarity, GIA Certified


Measurements are 5.69 x 5.58 x 3.93 mm


L2W - 1.02

Depth 70.4

Table 73.0


Girdle - slightly thick - thick



Polish - Excellent

Symmetry - Good

Flouresence - None


The place is asking $6000 even - I dont know - I have been looking online and that seems a tad high, opinions and comments please.



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It's hard to give solid opinions based on this data. You can search for comparables for pricing info, but there is a ton of variability from one stone to the next (even same color/clarity/ct weight).


As for determining cut quality - Fancy shapes have far more variability in their configurations than rounds do (we can make some predictions about rounds if we have enough cut details) so having those details for a princess means little. For instance, a princess with a 2-chevron pavilion is different than one with 5-chevrons and they have differing crown configs. Even spread and depth relationships aren't as predictable in fancies as they are with rounds... It's necessary to have proof of light performance (ideal-scope, ASET image or other) to make sight-unseen determinations about the optical properties of a fancy shape.

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There is really no way that fancy shapes can be evaluated solely based on the numbers off a lab grading report.


A skilled cutter can bring light out of the diamond up to your eye with various combinations of table-crown-pavillion

combinations that may not fit the current 'accepted wisdom' of what is currently being touted to be "Ideal" or "Signature" numbers.


No one on this Forum will give an opinion involving thousands of dollars of your hard earned money on just this lab report. The fact is that you can take another Princess cut with the same "numbers" as you reference above, place both side-by-side and they may very well look different from each other.


More info needed as John suggests.

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