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:) I recently helped my son purchase a diamond from Whiteflash(wonderful) and

he found a setting at Shenoa. It was not a good experience. The setting we ordered

came with the wrong size head so we returned it and sent the exact measurement

for a new head (since I had paid extra for a different head) which was a perfect square,

they again sent the ring back with a head for an emerald cut. I was tired of messing

around and my son was ready to give his girlfriend the ring, we took it to a jeweler and

they put the correct head on it. I sent the wrong head back to Shenoa (had written

thim first telling them what I was going to do) and asked to be reimbursed for the

charge of the head. They were not willing at all to do this. Had they taken the order

correctly in the first place, or taken the time to read what head was need even the

2nd time I would not be writing this. But I guess had I read before I purchased what

I have read now I also would not have to be writing this. So beware because they

really do not care.

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I’m sorry to hear it didn’t go as you had hoped.


You bought a mounting, had it modified by a 3rd party without permission and then wanted them give you a partial refund. I’m not surprised that they refused. I don’t know of any jewelers who would agree to this. This is at least partially of your sons own doing. I've butted heads with Shenoa before and their 'customer relations' guy is a bit prickly to talk to but this one sounds pretty legit to me. Requiring customers who want refunds to return the purchase intact is not being unreasonable, even when the reason for it is as solid as a shipping or manufacturing error. At the point that you had someone else take apart the ring you lost any reasonable expectation of returning it.


Buying a diamond from one place, a mounting from a second and the assembly labor from a 3rd is often the source of a fair amount of trouble. Properly fitting a stone to the mounting, especially for princesses and other fancy shapes, takes a fair amount more skill than most people seem to think and it the majority of jewelers will simply decline the job rather than put up with the headache and the risks. It sounds like you worked out a pretty good and, frankly, inexpensive solution. Congratulations.



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