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Found 4 Asschers! Help Me Choose Which One!


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Hey everyone,


I've spent pretty much the last 48 hours doing nothing but doing diamond research and price shopping online for an engagement ring to surprise her! My target was a colorless Asscher somewhere close to 1.5 ct. Lots of different factors to consider, I know. But I've put together a breakdown of each of the 4 diamonds I've narrowed it down to here:


My Asscher Diamond Comparison


I used a table I found on a website as a general "visual" guideline to supplement the more comprehensive breakdown of each diamond. Would you all mind looking at the specs for my 4 diamonds and giving me your opinions on which you think would be best? I know there's a lot of room for opinions with Asscher cuts, but I would REALLY appreciate your input!


Thank you so much! 1.gif

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I don't really see any info on the link you put up. But it's very hard to buy an asscher cut diamond sight unseen going by a couple of numbers only. An average table diameter and total depth won't tell you how the facets are placed on the diamond. You can get a real dud playing by the numbers. Have you ever seen the Royal Asscher diamonds? Those are cut for colored lights coming off the diamonds. I'll attach a picture of one we have to get an comparison ideal difference.

Of course these have additional faceting as well and it is a patented cut diamond cut by the Asscher family in Amsterdam.



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I agree with Jan.

There's' no way to ascertain the vital visual aspects of a diamond from a GIA report.


I'm curious Jan, just how much is a Royal Asscher today?



When we were a dealer of the branded diamonds they were priced about 50% more than well cut non branded stones. Is that still the case?



Here's a really nice non branded K/VVS2 2.17ct we have- it's $14,100




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