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Hi there.


i'm new to the diamond game and am looking to purchase one for an engagement ring. I have done my research and know all about thr 4 C's.


The one i'm looking at can be viewed at this link:



its a 0.64 Carat, E color, VS1 Clarity, ICE Excellent Cut, and a report from GIA. Its for sale at $2668 Australian Dollars.


Also the size is listed at 5.52*5.48*3.45 is that width depth height? or another variation?


is 0.64 a good sized stone for an engagement ring? I'm budgeting no more than $3000 for the diamond so cost is an issue


I'm just after some opinions from the some people who know stuff about diamonds... Does this look like a good deal? good price? etc etc.



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I don’t know anything at all about their house branding ‘Ice on Fire’ and the ‘ICE ideal cut’ which seem to be a big piece of the marketing for this and it’s up to you to decide if their procedure is reasonable. They claim in their little conversion chart that ICE ideal is a subset of the GIA ‘excellent’ grand and that it's identical to the AGS-ideal. I think it’s unlikely that AGS would call this an ideal cut and this does make me suspicious of their system. Since they claim to have a GIA report, it might be worth asking what GIA called the cut grade.


As far as price goes, it seems reasonable. Australia has a tax that makes it difficult to directly compare with overseas suppliers but there is a list of comparable stones at the top of the page behind the link titled ‘find online jeweler’. Most are in the US. Adjust for currency conversion, taxes and shipping and you’ve got a basis for comparison. There’s quite a bit to be said for buying from a local supplier, just in case you have some issue but this will give you a basis for evaluating the price.


Major dimensions on diamonds are usually listed in order of length, width, depth.


By the way, I'll betcha don't know *ALL* about the 4C's. ;) Keep on learning. You back yourself into a corner as soon as you think you know it all.



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