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Chipped Diamond??


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Hello everyone,

So here's the background. My fiance and I got engaged the Friday Oct 5 and he gave me a beautiful .83 princess cut diamond in an amazing custom made band. This morning I was just looking at my ring again (like I do 7839 times a day) and noticed that there was a very small chip or shard taken out of the corner right before and under the prong. I am pretty sure this wasnt there when I got it as I think I would have seen it. You do have to look for it but it can be seen, and I have a loupe (graphic designer) and was able to get a look at it. I do remember wacking my hand slightly on something yesterday but not enough (or so I thought) to do damage. Is it really possible that I could have chipped my own diamond?!?! what are the chances?? I was sick to my stomache all morning thinking about it. On top of things we havent gotten it appraised and insured yet as we were planning to this week. I am obviously assuming that this is going to make a big difference in what it is now worth and what it should have been worth?? I need help on if there is any action I should take or who to talk to, or if I should just get over it that I have a chipped diamond and there's nothing I can do. I really never thought you could chip a diamond like that and I am scared of all the possibilites of how this could have happened. Please help, any advise is greatly appreciated on how to handle this! I've only had this ring for a week and I am so bummed :)


I have attacheda picture of the diamond that I took through my loupe (forgive me they are not great and bad lighting) so you can hopefully get a feel for what I am talking about. It is blurry but you can see the chip in it.




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I’m sorry to hear of your troubles.


To answer your question, yes it’s possible to chip a diamond and, yes, it has a significant affect on the value. They’re hard but a bit brittle. Had you bought an insurance policy this would probably be a covered loss but otherwise it’s unlikely. Some homeowners policies have limited coverage on jewelry that isn’t specifically listed and there may be some coverage there.


If it was purchased using a credit card, some of the issuing banks will include a certain amount of insurance on new purchases and this may qualify. Call the card and ask them about ‘purchase assurance’ type guarantees. Some jewelers have warranties that may apply. Ask them about it or just read the paperwork they gave at the time of sale.


Keep your appointment with your appraiser. Sometimes these things can be repaired without too much trouble but it really does take an inspection to give advice about it. Get it repaired, get it insured and then don’t worry about it any further. Stuff happens.



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