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Looking For A 1.5ct Diamond But Really Need Your Help


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Hi everyone,



This is my first post, so please go easy. I am searching for a 1.5ct round diamond and going on what I have read, I should be looking for a diamond with the following characteristics:



No less than F

No less than VS2

V Good to Excellent cut

All of which brings me to a price range of 15-17k.


Now this is where I really get lost. I have looked at various diamonds in different stores. I have listen to all the sales people explain why their diamonds are better etc...


And this is what I think is better and please feel free to correct if I am wrong. From the diamonds that I have viewed, an H&A cut seems to create the most sparkle. But I have also viewed similar diamonds from Debeers and Hearts on Fire that give an amazing sparkle too but at an elevated price level.


So the crux of my problem is, should I focus on the above guidelines for my diamond and aim of an H&A cut or is there something else I should consider?




Also, the current dealer I am talking too gave me a quote for approx 18k for a 1.56ct, VS1, F, excellent cut and finish, H&A. Does this seem about right?


Thanks in advance for all your help.


p.s. The setting I am looking for will be pretty simple.




p.s.s. If you feel that I can move the above guidelines to achieve a better price but retain the quality and sparkle in the diamond, please also tell me.

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You’re doing good so far. H&A is a pattern that is visible in the optical symmetry of the stone when viewed through a special tool. It’s not really the same thing as a superb cut but they are often paired together. H&A is extra work for the cutter and increases their waste so it will come at a premium price and the people who are willing to pay that premium are usually interested in good cutting so they try to match it with Ideal cuts, polish and symmetry as well. I mention that because there are also stunners that don’t show the pattern. In fact, not everyone even likes it. This is a matter of taste. (for the record, I personally like it and if I were buying a stone, I would get it).


You mention Excellent or Very Good as your cut specs and I’m going to presume you’re using the GIA scale. I would narrow that down to just Excellent. There are some terrific Very Goods that are in there for reasons like brillianteering which GIA doesn’t care for but I would stick with Excellent unless you’ve got some additional justification for going with a VG. What justification would do it? AGS Ideal/GIA VG would certainly do it for me. A top score from a brilliancescope might make it worth a second glance. In the end, don't forget to actually look at the stone. Sometimes you'll see one that just sings to you and that's the one you want.


F/VS1 is a pretty high end combination and I’m curious how you came about it. Obviously there’s a trade off in terms of money as you adjust these things and you have to land somewhere. Different people will make different decisions on this and there’s really no right answer here but why, for example, have you ruled out VS2?



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You may want to focus more on light performance than an optical symmetry pattern. Some stones can have a hearts and arrows pattern however not be that bright to the eye. For more information you can check out these two links on the light performance of diamonds.





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Thanks Neil and Jan, that is very helpful.


I note what you are saying on getting an excellent cut and will make sure that is the case with any H&A diamond that I look at. I have nothing against a VS2 but my only difficulty is getting the selection I want. Due to my location in Asia, I don't exactly have this but will keep my eye out for something closer to a 1.5 ct, F, VS2.

I will try and get more info in relation to a brilliance scope score but should all good jewelers be able to offer this to me or will I need to request it?


I have also looked at BlueNile diamonds and while they don’t offer a H&A's cut, their own signature diamond seems to stack up very well in terms of light performance. Any comments on this one: http://www.bluenile.com/diamonds_details.a...#grading_report


Guess I need to get back to the search and will keep you all updated on what I find.


Again, thanks for all your help.

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Very few jewelers use the brilliancescope and the Gemex marketing strategy is to make it very difficult for stores that aren’t their customers to order one. If you’re shopping at jewelry stores you are unlikely ever to see one unless you choose your store for this purpose. A few of the Internet dealers like it because it gives them something else to describe a stone that you, and possibly they, haven’t actually seen. Most don’t have it and can’t get it.


I wasn’t recommending VS2, I was asking how and why you came to those specs. If you had said VS2, I would have asked about SI1. The same question applies to the color. Why not G? Or H? You have to draw these lines somewhere but it’s worth putting some thought into where and why. It’s common advice that the line between ‘colorless’ and ‘near colorless’ is F/G but, in practice, the face up appearance is identical in 99% of the viewing environments so this is largely a symbolic issue. Similarly, the difference between correctly graded IF all the way to VS2 will not be visible without magnification. There’s nothing wrong with going for the high grades if that’s what you want but it’s not the way to get maximum bling/buck or maximum bling/sq.mm. These objectives are mutually exclusive and confusing them can lead to a difficult shopping experience.


Depending on where in Asia you are, bear in mind that you might be subject to some import taxes if you buy from an overseas dealer like blue nile. They usually come out fairly favorable anyway but in some places, notably Singapore, these taxes are pretty high and the local dealers have already paid them and included them in their prices.



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Ok, maybe this is where I really need your help then. If I am choosing a 1.5ct diamond and want something that my wife-to-be can happily show friends because she truly knows it is a beautiful diamond, what should I be looking for? I think we are clear that H&A is a good start but on the other items, it seems I may be aiming a little too high.




I guess one of the largest things to keep in mind is that I am in Asia and her diamond will be closely looked at by both her friends and family. I am not worried about anyone taking out a magnify glass and examine it but more worried about a straight comparison. So for this reason, I choose the F colour and VS2 requirements. But if there is such a little difference between F and G, then maybe I should include this in my search.




Something else that would really help me is on the crystal, cloud, line, feather etc that are mentioned in the GIA reports. Which of these are most visible and what should I really be trying to avoid here. Is it better to keep these to the back of the diamond and have the face as clean as possible?


Again, thank you so much for your help. This is a real learning experience for me but one that I hope will help me in making the right decision. I value your and the forums opinions’ very much, so thanks again.

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There is no such thing as a "better or worse" inclusion for you to choose, when selecting your diamond.


A diamonds inclusions are simply a part of the internal/intrinsic characteristics of the stone.


In this regard; a "crystal" is no more desirable than a "cloud" etc...


The only "bad" inclusions are those that are either visible to the naked eye, or those that might affect the structural integrity of the diamond itself (ie: an inclusion that sits on a critical "cleavage line" or one that breaks the surface of the stone..etc.).


These inclusions are not at all common and are usually not found in a properly graded VS2 diamond.


Thus, you have nothing to worry about on that score.


If you are searching for a well cut/visually brilliant diamond, I would also include G color in the search.

This will afford you a larger pool from which to choose your diamond, as well as potentially better "bang for your buck $$" with no visual sacrifice.



Best of luck!

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Again, thanks for all the comments.


So here is where I stand now. I went to the store last night and the dealer was able to show me two very beautiful H&A diamonds. One was a 1.56ct, F, VS1 and the other a 1.50ct, G, VS1 both with only very slight inclusions on the outer circle of both diamonds and no inclusions at all on the face.


Both where very well cut and looked great but I have two further questions that I hope you can help with.


1. The smaller 1.50ct seemed to shine and sparkle much more than the 1.56ct diamond. Is this due to the first having a slightly smaller face on the diamond or is there something else I should be aware of?


2. The certificates. Both have them but the 1.50ct G VS1 diamond has an older certificate and because of this, the dealer said he can give me an additional discount. Is this normal? And what should I look out for in particular with these older certificates as I assume they changed them for a reason.


I guess at this point, I have probably decided on the 1.50ct G diamond, as it is really very close to what I am looking for and price point is also very good for a VS1 graded diamond.


p.s. From what I can remember, on both certificates, anything that referred to polish, symmetry etc was all excellent.

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