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Hello all my name is Jason and I am a student in Florida. I would first like to say that I am grateful for the wealth of knowledge on this site.


I am about $1000 into paying off a ring..Specs: 1.09 I VS1 Princess Cut VG Polish VG Symmetry. Price with tax and setting was $3970. I recently "found" some "lost" money and will be able to upgrade the ring. I am now looking to spend approximately $5500-5800. I would like to upgrade to ~1.25 H VS1 EX Polish EX symmetry. Would someone be able to give me a resonable price range for a ring with those specs? I know there are some details missing. I am still a novice regarding diamond knowledge. I hope this forum will improve my knoweldge base.


Also would it be appropriate to bring in prices and GIA certs from websites (e.g., Adiamor.com) and expect them to match the price?


Best Regards,



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I’m not a big fan of financing jewelry and my first advice would be to pay off your ring and keep the balance as savings so that you don’t need to finance the next thing you want to buy, like a car, tuition or a down payment on a house. ‘Free’ money is a hard thing to come by in life and an upgraded diamond may not be making the most of it.


That said, if you are wishing to upgrade you are locked into that particular dealer and you are stuck with whatever policies they have. Ask ‘em. In general, local jewelers are very hesitant to match online prices, especially if you don’t have the stone to look at and therefore can’t tell about the accuracy of the grading, the cutting and similar details that are beyond the limits of what’s described on the ‘certificate’. The cheapest online price for a stone of those specs is unlikely to be paired with the best stone.



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