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Help With Diamond # 2


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Guys thanks for all of your help with my last diamond. I have a second diamond and here are the specs. Any and all info. is appreciated and I have not seen this diamond in person either.




color F

clarity SI2

depth 60.6%

table 56%

crown angle 33%

crown 14.5%

star 50

pavilion angle 40.6

pavilion 43%

lower girdle 75%

girdle medium to slightly thick faceted

polish excellent

symmetry excellent

culet pointed

flourescence negligible

GIA certified

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The "numbers" on this diamond are certainly better than your first one and the fact that it is GIA graded indicates that you can be confident on the accuracy of the color/clarity grading.


What the "numbers" don't tell you, however, is how good a light performer this diamond is. Face up sparkle, brilliance, and dispersion are affected by the 58 facets alignment, size, and angle which is not determinable from the information on the Lab report. An Idealscope photo would give you this information and indicate light performance and any areas/extent of light leakage.


Your other valid concern is the location, size, and color of the SI-2 inclusions. Are they eye-visible? In the center or off to the side? Are any of the inclusions directly on the girdle and break the surface plane of the stone? Such inclusions are very dangerous as they weaken the structural integrity of the stone and can lead to fracturing.


Ask your vendor if this information can be provided.


Good Luck!

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Ditto everything Barry said.


Being picky...for this combo I'd want a more specific lower girdle avg figure too; GIA rounds to the nearest 5%. While 75% and 80% are both at the heart of the "sweet" range I personally like averages near 75% on the deeper side of near-Tolk and 80% on the shallow side of near-Tolk (which this is). As I said, this detail is not a show-stopper...the broader comments above are much more important. I am just finding 2 cents to add. :)

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