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Hello everyone,


So glad to have found this board! I've been reading all of your posts and they are great. I haven't found one similar to this, so here goes. I have just been lucky enough to receive a beautiful engagement ring from my fiance. He had it custom made for me in white gold 4 claw style. The diamond is 1.02 carat round brilliant cut of VS1 clarity and D colour. The cut is good (but it is noted on the appraisal as off round, measuring 6.35 mm X 6.48 mm X 3.97 mm).


I'm thrilled with the setting design; the only problem is that looking down on the ring the prongs appear a bit off to me. The four prongs are not exactly the same distance apart from each other (from the naked eye the two prongs on one side of the ring are closer together than the prongs on the other side).


Is this normal or should the prongs be exactly in all four corners? Does it have anything to do with the diamond measurements being off round? I'm happy to go back and discuss this with the jeweller who made it if it should be fixed, but I didn't want to make a big deal if it is normal.


Thanks for any advice!

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Photos would help us but only to a certain degree... It sounds like you have a good relationship with the jeweler, which is even better. If you're happy to go back and discuss it I suspect he will be equally happy to adjust it and/or explain the reason it appears like that.

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I doubt that the slight un-equidistant spacing of the 4 prongs is due to the diamond being "off-round".


The fact is that the diamond is not off-round and I would be very surprised if you can detect any off-roundness by looking at the diamond in the face-up position. According to GIA, for a round brilliant to be considered off-round the difference between the minimum to maximum measured millimeter of the circumferemce has to be greater than 17. Your diamond has a minimum/maximum differential of 13.


The slight spacing apart of the 2 prongs on the one side of the setting is a minor adjustement and I'm sure your Jeweler will be more than happy to do this for you.

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Actually, now that I look at your picture, only the prong at 2 PM just needs to moved a tad over to the right.



Thanks Barry - you made my night. A little fix and we should be good to go. Then we think about insurance (which I'm so much more educated on now too :)


Thanks all!

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