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Round Solitaire Setting


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Hi, I'm new to the board as far as posting goes but have been conducting quite a bit of research through the various posting on the site. I am going to the NYC diamond district tomorrow to see a diamond or two from www.ExcelDiamonds.com's inventory. Assuming I want the diamond I am going to look at (2.53 ctw round) I will be setting it in a solitaire setting. My fiance-to-be pointed out a particular style solitaire setting she liked while window shopping but I can not find anything like it online. Barry at Excel Diamonds said that they could custom make a setting for me, which I would prefer, but could anyone tell me where, online, I can find an example of a platinum solitaire setting that is not "knifes edge" or "rounded" but rather appears to be a "flat" band that goes around the finger that is a bit wider on the finger than it is high (meaning height of the band rising off the finger) and has "sharp" edges? It's a really simple design but I've been having a terribly hard time finding something like it online as an example for Excel Diamonds to look at. Can anyone point me in the right direction? My apologies for such a vague description but it's so basic that I have a hard time describing it in any more detail.

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Hi there,


I think I have a really similar ring to what you are describing - I'll try to post a picture of it when I get home. http://www.birks.com/index.asp?SKU=898498&...64&LangID=1 Have a look at this ring, this is similar to what was made for me, although my orientation is on the four corners of the band and the cathedral part of the bands that comes up to the prongs is closed (sorry for the newbie description!). Looking down on the stone, the flat edge band tapers just a bit towards the diamond along the top.


I love the design - it is classic yet modern and it suits my small hand really well. Good choice - as I said I'll see if I can post a photo of mine later. I think it's really similar to what you're looking for.

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Ok here's a picture of my ring. Good luck in your search, I'm sure you will find the perfect one!


Thats a really beautiful ring. I was looking for that same setting basically except that I wanted it flat at the top where it meets the basket and I wanted the diamond set a little lower. But honestly that setting is awesome. Congrats on such a beautiful ring. I think the simplicity trumps many of the more complex settings as far as my personal taste and that of my girlfriends. Thanks for your input. Much appreciated.

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