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Good Brick And Mortar Price For Princess


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i am looking for what would be a good price for this princess diamond. details are:


2.01 princess cut

gia cert #15033273

7.04 x 6.93 x 5.09

color I



polish very good

symmetry good


67% table

73.4% depth


Asking price started at $13,800. I have look at many places on the net and found averages from $9,100-$11,000 (on same cut clarity depth and table). I know that they have overhead compared to internet stores. But i am sure they buy at wholesale i just dont know what wholesale would be.


Thanks for everyones help



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‘Wholesale’ is not nearly as carved in stone a concept with diamonds as people would like to think. You’re correct that dealers, both online and off, are in the business of buying things at one price and selling them at a higher price but each stone and each deal has it’s own properties and they are priced and sold individually, even in the highest volume transactions. I just did a casual internet search and I see 2.00-2.10/I/VS2/GIA/Princesses ranging from $9678 - $14090 with the mode in the neighborhood of $11,500 so I think your 'average' is a bit on the low side but it's worth noting that this is a pretty big range. There's a handy search utility at the top of the page titled 'find online jeweler' and you can play with these numbers yourself. Many of those same stones are also available at your local jeweler and they will be buying from the same people who these folks buy from. Markup here is in the teens down to the single digits depending on the dealer, the stone and the amount of ‘free’ services being added in so you can make a decent guess at the dealers cost of goods from that. B&M stores can usually get the same items for the same prices but offer more in the way of add-on value (or not), and will put another 10%-20% onto the price to cover it. This makes the expected range from about $10k to $16k with the mode at about $14k.


So is $13,800 a good price? It depends on the stone and the dealer. It’s not unreasonable for either online or on the street pricing. If they’re buying that $9678 stone and selling it to you for $13,800, I would probably keep on looking because I’ll bet there are some issues with it that are driving the price down. If it’s the $14k one, or one like it, you may have found a very competitive local dealer with a wonderful deal. The issue is going to be in the cutting of the stone, the accuracy of the grading and the value to you of those additional services being offered by the dealer. That very stone is listed in the database here by a couple of the discount dropshippers for around $11,700.00 and you can probably use this stat to negotiate a better price.


The symmetry of 'good' combined with the 2.01 weight does give me pause. There a lot of very poor cuts just over the important carat weight breaks and I would not make a final commitment without both a professional inspection by an expert who is working for YOU, not the jeweler. There's a lot of pressure on the cutter to get the weight over the 2 carat mark and they may have made compromises that you wouldn't have approved of to get there.



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Unlike rounds there are too many variables with fancy shapes to determine performance using simple proportions. In general terms princess tables near 70% are pretty common and (generally) closer to 65% will result in a higher crown with a bit more fire while (generally) closer to 75% will be a lower crown with a spreadier look...again, these are NOT absolute.


I agree with Neil's pause (good finish) at the X.01 mark... VG, EX and Ideal polish/sym (GIA's top grade is EX, AGSL's is Ideal) is a good indication of care taken in the cutting process. More importantly, if you're dealing with an online seller, you should expect proof of light performance (ideal-scope, ASET photo or other) to support claims that it's a great performer.

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Both Neil and John make excellent points regarding the importance of determining the Cut Quality of the diamond.


"Numbers' on the lab grading report for Princess Cuts and for that matter all Fancy shapes are non-predictive of face up beauty, sparkle, and brilliance.


No doubt price is important but the bottom line is that when she's wearing the diamond on her finger, what people will immediately notice is whether or not the diamond snaps, crackles, and pops with light; not the price you paid or the numbers from the lab grading report.

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