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Bought Ring... Freaking Out


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My fiancée and I purchased an engagement ring tonight. The diamond is Princess cut (5.65 x 5.61 x 4.18mm), 1.12 cts, AGS Ideal 0 cut (Triple 0 with ideal polish/symmetry), AGS 1.5 (G) color, AGS 1 (VVS1) clarity. Florescence is negligible. The picture on the AGS document shows no inclusions or external blemishes. The ring has this GemEx light performance rating thing ('very high' in brilliance, fire, sparkle) which may very well be just a marketing thing, not sure if GemEx means anything.


It looks amazing, especially to me who has never owned a real diamond before. The setting is exactly what I wanted. The sales woman was nice and patient and explained a lot of stuff to us. In any case, the ring is absolutely beautiful, I completely love it So what is the issue? We just spent $10K on this ring. The diamond it self was $7900 (after adding the setting, a wedding band, warranty and taxes etc. it came to $10535). That is about $3K more than our original plan.



Furthermore, although I have been looking at rings online for a month now, this is the first freaking one I tried on my finger! This is the first actual store we physically went into together! We were just supposed to look around but I saw this thing on my finger and it seemed all perfect and I just got so overwhelmed. The sales lady wasn’t even pressuring us and she was very nice, but she probably took one look at my eyes in this store and knew pressure was obviously unnecessary! So my fiancée bought it (and I think he is actually happy all of this is over) and he is now sound asleep snoring in bed as one should be doing at 2:20am. But I am completely freaking out and I can’t sleep. I am like half ecstatic and half sick to my stomach. I have been online all night looking at more diamonds with these specs and it seems like it was a lot of money. So anyway, I thought I would see what you thought of all of this.



We have 30 days to change our mind about this ring. Should we take it back? Did I totally get us ripped off by getting all diamond dazzled at the first flippin thing I tied on? I apologize for the ranting post and I am sorry for taking all this time. I really am not normally this much of a freak but I can’t believe how much money we just spent with out even looking at more stores. So anyway, you can see what my poor fiancée is dealing with here so hopefully you can help me out by just giving me a quick line that either says “Relax and enjoy your ring, it was not horribly over priced†or “Perhaps you should take it back because the price seems a bit outrageousâ€. Thank you in advance.

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Maybe this morning you are looking at things differently- hopefully you are feeling better.


Now that you are looking around on the internet, you will find prices that are lower than what you paid.

If the money you guys spent puts you in a bad positiopn, then it makes good sense to reconsider what youi've spent.


On the other hand, if you are totally in love with the ring, and the funds you spent don;t put you in a bad postition, it does sound like you love the ring.....

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There’s no way to know about the setting without a lot more information and the fact that it’s ‘exactly what you wanted’ is a huge vote for it. $7,900 for an AGS graded, 1.12/G/VVS1/Ideal is very reasonable. A no pressure sales experience where you can try it before you buy it just makes it even better. Congratulations on your engagement and on your new ring.


Relax and enjoy your ring.




Ps. Don’t forget the insurance.

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Thanks for the replys...


It won't put us in a financially precarious position to spend this much... It is just more then we were orignially planning on spending and I just wanted to make sure that what we spent was worth it... I have never made such a big financial descision so quickly and I guess I was just a little afraid that I didn't research the price enough first.


The setting itself is not what I was really concerned with (in terms of money spent)... It is a 18K white gold setting with four diamonds on each side of the main diamond (two larger diamonds that are verticle next to the main diamond, and the two more smaller diamonds horizontal inset in the ring.) (It was only $999). The wedding band is a matching white gold band that has 10 diamonds across the top that match the two smaller inset diamonds on the engagement ring. ($379) They are setting the diamond in a platnum head and set. So the whole thing is very elegant, pretty, and sparkly with lots of little diamonds everywhere. The setting and band are very nice and I will keep them regardless.


I was more worried about the actual diamond being too much. We bought it from Jarad's... They call it a peerless diamond... but I was afraid that it was just a nice marketing term to increase the price of the diamond without merit. They said what made it a peerless diamond was the AGS triple 0 Ideal Cut rating coupled with the GemEx Triple 'Very High' rating on the light performance.


In any case, I am calmer now and feel much better :P:) Thanks for the replies... We decided we will keep the setting and wedding band regardless. Since we have the 30 days to decide for sure, we will look around online for a couple of comparable diamonds that are cheaper, take them to an independent jewler to compare them, and decide which one to keep in the ring. I already called Jared's today to ensure this would be fine and they assured me that it is fine and there will be no charge for replacing the diamond if we change our mind. So all in all I think it will work out fine in the end.


Thanks again ;)

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It sounds like you got a very nice ring that you were very happy about. I think the price is reasonable given the quality and all the info you got with the diamond. Also you got a very nice cut grade and info from Gemex to back up what the store and AGS said about the diamond. Relax and enjoy your purchase.

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