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Center Black Inclusion


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Hi! I'm considering getting a h&a stone online that has been graded H,SI1,AGS 0. It's at a good price, however it has a black inclusion right in the middle. The length of the inclusion is about the width of the arrow (h&a) and the inclusion comes up as a spot when viewed through the idealscope.


The jeweler says that the black inclusion is not visible to the naked eye even if one tries to search for it. It only comes up under 10x magnification.


Will like some advice on black inclusions (especially if they are in the center). Is it possible for it to be eye-clean when viewed at close range say 4-6 inches away? Will it get more obvious with wear etc? Should I avoid this and look for stones without black inclusion just to be safe (since I'm buying online)?

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It's a stone by stone call. It also depends on lighting, distance and your own eyesight. It's true that mag photos can show some inclusions you won't likely see IRL (especially structured light env photos like IS). The reverse can be true as well.


Make sure you and the seller have a strongly aligned working baseline for what 'eye clean' means to you.

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