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Beethoven's Diamond Hair


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There are some laws of physics that aren’t being supported here.


According to LifeGems, the manufacturer:


“They extracted 130 milligrammes of carbon from 10 strands and divided it into three separate diamond presses.â€


Assuming this was equally divided between the 3 stones, this would contribute roughly 43 milligrams of carbon to each stone and that’s assuming that none is lost in the process. A carat is 200 milligrams so a 0.56ct stone would be 112 milligrams of pure carbon in the finished stone. The process of cutting the final stone involves a significant amount of waste and a 50% yield is extremely good for a cutter even with perfectly formed rough so the diamond as removed from the press must have been at least 200-300 milligrams. Where did that ‘extra’ carbon come from?


Incidentally, Mr. Beethoven must have had extremely heavy hair to extract 130 milligrams from 10 strands. Most pictures of him do include a healthy mane but this still seems like quite a bit. 10 of MY hairs weigh just 2.6 mg. total. :)



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