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About To Make A Purchase In Nyc


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Hi everyone,


I'm about to take the plunge and buy a diamond ring. Its been a long and arduous task.


I've set my budget between $4k and $5k and have been going to various places in the NYC diamond district based on recommendations from trusted friends.


Anyway, he quoted me a GIA graded, 1.01, G, SI2, VG cut, VG polish, VG Symmetry, medium blue flourescense for $4000.


The inclusions are really minor and i had to hunt for them with the loupe, the stone gives me a good feeling.


Is the price good? I'd like to understand what I can do in the negotiation. Where is reasonable to start, does cash help?


Maybe I should go for a larger / better stone and bargain it down to within my range??


thanks for the advice everyone!

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Cool, I think i'm going to go for it!



Just wanted to see if the price was right, it seems good to me when comparing on blue nile..

I'd actually recommend checking out Barry's website: www.ExcelDiamonds.com . I live & work in Manhattan right now and have been reading all the posts on this site to learn more about the ring I want to buy. Anyway, long story short, I met with Barry at his store on 46th and 5th if I remember correctly and not only was he pleasant and not pushy but his prices are better than just about any other place I looked and he has been very accommodating. All the other diamond stores I've been to in the Diamond District pretty much push their product on you and jack up their prices for the NYC investment bankers who can afford it. Not to say ExcelDiamonds.com is the be all - end all, but I can certainly recommend checking them out if you're in NYC before you decide on something.


Whatever you decide, good luck with your purchase.



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